Thursday, November 04, 2010

NetShareMonitor v1.1

NetShareMonitor is the application to watch your shared files from the intruders and thereby protecting your shares from unauthorized access. As soon as remote user connects to your machine, NetShareMonitor detects it and displays information about that session. The session information includes remote host address, remote user name, list of accessed files and time of connection. Entire details pertaining to each session will be logged to file for future analysis.

Now you no longer have to worry about your shared files being accessed by unknown persons on the network. You can make NetShareMonitor to keep eye on your shares while you get down to work. It will alert you on any file access and you can always check the log files for past sessions in case you have missed the alert.

Usage of NetShareMonitor :
Watch against unauthorized access to the shared files
You can keep eye on all shared files without getting distracted from your normal work. The remote host address and user name will help you to quickly track down the malicious user.

Protect your system against network worms
Most of the viruses spread by exploiting shared folders on the network. NetShareMonitor helps you to detect any such attempts and also reduces the response time considerably to eliminate the virus infected machines from the network completely.

Features of NetShareMonitor :
1. Alert on Remote Connection
As soon as the remote user connects to your machine, alert will be generated by playing the music and the NetShareMonitor icon in system tray starts blinking to draw your attention.

2. Null Session Detection
Null connection is the first step taken by the hackers to get information about your system. When you see the session without username that is generally due to "Null connection" . NetShareMonitor will help you to detect any such intruder trying to penetrate your system.

3. Full Session Information
NetShareMonitor provides you with full session information including the remote hostname and the username which will help you to track down the intruder quickly. It shows time details such as "Start Time" and "Active time" gives idea about when the remote session was started and how long the session was active. Shared file access list gives details about the files that have been accessed during that particular session.

4. User Friendliness
This application is very easy to use and customize. No special installation is required; you have to just click on it to launch the application. On minimize it will hide and sit in the system tray, silently watching your shared files from intruders. You can easily customize various options through settings dialog.

How to use NetShareMonitor :
Launch this application and then minimize to make it sit in system tray. Now try to access shares on your system from remote host. Instantly NetShareMonitor will play music and starts blinking indicating an attempt to access your shares. Now double click on system tray icon to see details about current session and accessed files.

You can customize various options through settings dialog.

Download :

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NetShareMonitor v1.1
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