Thursday, November 04, 2010

PacketFence v1.9.1

"PacketFence is an open-source network access control (NAC) system which provides the following features: registration, detection of abnormal network activities, proactive vulnerability scans, isolation of problematic devices, remediation through a captive portal, 802.1X, wireless integration and DHCP fingerprinting.

This is the official change log :
* New Hardware Support
* Extreme XOS Port Security (MAC address lockdown) and Voice over IP support (feature sponsored by Extreme Networks)
* Nortel ERS 2500 Series Port security and Voice over IP support

New Features :
* Basic Access Control in the Web Administration interface (#965, Thanks to eSubnet Enterprises for their initial contribution)
* New parameters in switches.conf to manage Web Services enabled switches Enhancements.
* Captive portal performance improvements. Up to 23x on some workloads (#879)
* More than 35 new DHCP fingerprints (Thanks to Eric Kollmann and Sam Winottai!)
* Improved Nessus failed scan error reporting (partial fix for #1032)
* Better error reporting on Cisco ISR 1800
* Added some documentation for Cisco (2960, 3550) and Aruba in the SNMP modules
* Documented performance optimization regarding blocking non-browser requests in the captive portal (#1072)
* Avoiding unnecessary load where a lot of non-trap violation are used (#857)
* Updated (for clarification purpose) documentation for Cisco stacked and 4500 Series switches. (#1037)
* Error handling and error messages improvements (#1052)
* Updated documentation for FreeRadius 1.x and added some for 2.x. (#1036)

Bug fixes :
* Node categories related fixes (#1063, #1056)
* Deleting a node no longer breaks paging in Web Admin (#1055)
* Max number of node per user is enforced more consistently (#1057)
* RPM packaging fixes (#1047)
* Misc fixes (#1068)

Download :

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PacketFence v1.9.1
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