Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Giant pyramid UFO reappears in China, Video

Recently witnesses around the world have been seeing pyramid shaped UFOs with increasing frequency. These UFOs have been seen in Spain, Colombia, China and most famously above the Kremlin in Moscow Russia.
In December of last year dozens of witnesses allegedly saw a giant pyramid shaped UFO hover eerily over the Kremlin. The event made headlines around the world and stunned UFO researchers.
The craft was then seen across the globe and it is now understood that these spaceships are specific to one particular alien civilization.
The footage below comes from the Southern Chinese city of Zhangzhou in the province of Fujian. The event is believed to have taken place in the last month.
According to Chinese researchers these ships come from the vicinity of Sirius and the ETs that use them have turquoise colored skin. It is believed the craft are full of the liquid that these aquatic aliens require to exist. These beings are said to have interacted with the ancient Egyptians.

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Giant pyramid UFO reappears in China, Video
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